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Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreements

Typically, a commercial real estate purchase agreement is more complex than purchasing a personal residence. The legal contract defines aspects such as ownership rights, both parties’ financing options, and other critical details to be outlined in all terms for payment,…

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The Reasons You May Need a Real Estate Lawyer

You can make your real estate investment contractually sound if you hire a real estate attorney, whether you are a landlord, first-time home buyer, or tenant entering into a renter or leasing agreement. Your real estate attorney can best protect…

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A Guide to Buying Your First Investment Property

Begin Increasing Your Wealth People often feel that by adding an additional income stream to their net worth by purchasing income-generating properties, they can increase their wealth. Often this is true. However, before investing in such a proposition, there are,…

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A Look at Real Estate Title Deeds

A property deed is a document that authorizes the transfer of ownership of real estate. There are different types of property deeds to employ in different situations. It can be challenging to know which deed type you require in your…

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