We are prepared to assist employers in several areas of employment law for small businesses in Chicago.

Camden Law Office, LLC has a dedicated attorney experienced in employment law for small businesses in Chicago and the western suburbs. Every small businesses must pay attention to the contractual and statutory rights of employees, in order to avoid unnecessary conflict and clarify the employment relationship. Our firm can give you the legal counsel that you need for decisions about hiring, compensation and termination, as well as defending any claims of unfair discrimination or unsafe workplace conditions.

employment law for small businesses in chicagoAreas of Employment Law

We are prepared to assist employers in several areas of employment law, depending on your current needs. Our firm is available as an ongoing resource to advise you when employment issues arise, and more importantly how to avoid common employee conflicts.

Employment Agreements

Having a well-drafted employment agreement for each employee is the first step toward managing the relationship and avoiding legal disputes. Our firm can review the terms or hiring, and incorporate every element into the agreement including:

  • Compensation and Benefit Packages
  • Terms of Service and Position Description
  • Probationary Periods and Evaluation Criteria
  • Policies for Discipline and Termination
  • References to Employee Handbooks or Manuals

In the event that an employee’s position or duties changes significantly, we can draft a post-hire agreement to detail the changes that affect compensation and terms of service.

Civil Rights Defense

Employee claims or lawsuits brought for violations of their civil rights can be a serious matter for a business. If your employee is threatening or initiating a civil rights suit, it is imperative that you contact us immediately to evaluate the claim. Our firm is experienced in defending businesses in civil rights cases, and we have learned that not every claim is valid or based on verifiable facts.

The outcome of a civil rights case will often depend on documentation of any alleged violation, and we will help you assemble a case that accurately presents your point of view.

EEOC/IDHR Investigations

Your employees may also file claims with the US Employment Equal Opportunity Commission or the Illinois Department of Human Rights, and we can represent you in the course of the investigation. These types of claims may be brought by one or several employees based on your employment practices, and must be defended vigorously to protect your business interests and reputation.

Federal and State Litigation

Our firm is prepared to handle the litigation of any claims in either state or federal court, including cases based on:

  • Breach of the Employment Agreement
  • Unfair Termination or Disciplinary Practices
  • Civil Rights Violations

Litigation is especially problematic for small businesses due to the potential of interrupted work, litigation costs, fines and damage to your business reputation. For this reason, you will require an attorney who is experienced in employment lawsuits, and we are available to act as your aggressive legal advocate in defending all types of employee claims.

Camden Law Office, LLC: Employment Law for Small Businesses in Chicagoland

Our firm is well aware of the challenges facing small businesses today, with increased legal scrutiny of employee hiring, treatment and termination. A single employee claim can be a major distraction from running your business, and we will work on your behalf to avoid potential claims that may arise. By drafting very specific employment agreements, we will ensure that employees understand their relationship with you, and all of the terms and conditions of employment.

We will always respond quickly to any assertions that an employee’s civil rights or human rights have been violated in their employment, and we are prepared to represent your business in any legal or administrative forum. Please contact us for a consultation so that we can share with you our employment law services and background.