Camden Law Office, LLC is knowledgable about collective bargaining for Public Safety Employees and can assist you.

Collective Bargaining for Public Safety EmployeesIf you are a public safety professional such as a police officer, firefighter, or correctional officer, you need a skilled labor lawyer to handle the legal needs of your union or employee organization. Camden Law Office, LLC has a background in grievance arbitration and collective bargaining for public safety employees and is prepared to represent the interests of law enforcement officers and firefighters.

Collective Bargaining

Too often, public safety employees do not have the same benefits as other employee groups, and our firm is ready to bargain collectively for items such as hours, wages, and working conditions. We can handle the negotiation and creation of a collective bargaining agreement that meets the specific needs of your organization’s membership. These agreements can address issues such as:

  • Work hours, wages, and benefits
  • Terms for employment contracts
  • Establishing a grievance process
  • Disciplinary hearings

Our years of experience representing police officers gives us a unique insight to the needs of public safety professionals, especially those whose work places them in harm’s way. Collective bargaining agreements are essential to protect public safety employees from unfair disciplinary measures or dismissal due to actions on the job. Law enforcement and public safety roles carry special hazards and risks that must be considered in any agreement. If you have an employee organization that is negotiating a collective bargaining agreement, we can assist you in every step of the process.

Grievance Arbitration

Our firm is well positioned to represent you or your organization in any grievance arbitration if some aspect of a collective bargaining agreement is breached. Examples of violations that may go to arbitration include:

  • Disciplinary Measures
  • Unfair Dismissal or Suspension
  • Disputes Over Wages or Work Hours
  • Work Conditions
  • Denial of Employee Benefits

Most collective bargaining agreements require that disputes go to arbitration for resolution, and we have the experience in this type of legal forum to advocate for your interests in a fair outcome. Regardless of the circumstances, you should have quality legal counsel at your side in any grievance hearing to ensure that your rights are protected.

Department of Labor Investigations in some cases, public safety professionals may seek a remedy with the US or Illinois Department of Labor, and ask for an investigation into employer practices. Camden Law Office, LLC has the experience to represent you in the course of any investigation and assist you with filing the complaint and pursuing a remedy. Some examples of investigations specific to public safety employees may include:

  • Unpaid wages or overtime
  • Hazardous work conditions or failure to supply proper equipment
  • Other violations of employee rights

You may be concerned about retaliation for filing a claim, however employers are prohibited from suspending or firing an employee for filing a complaint that results in an investigation.

Camden Law Office, LLC: Collective Bargaining for Public Safety Employees

Our firm is dedicated to providing legal services to the public safety professionals who protect our communities. Because of our experience in representing police officers, we understand how to work with management and administration to effectively negotiate and enforce collective bargaining agreements. Labor law is complex and requires specific background in the rules and procedures that must be followed. There is no substitute for skilled legal advocacy, and at Camden Law Office, LLC we are dedicated to representing your interests. Please contact us for an initial consultation so that we can give you more information on how we can be your legal resource.