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Chicago real estate attorneyCamden Law Office, LLC provides clients with an experienced Chicagoland real estate attorney to handle all of their transactional needs. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or are in the business of leasing commercial property, we can give you the legal counsel that will protect your investment and ensure smooth completion of your transaction. Many individuals will enter the real estate market without an attorney, but savvy investors understand that retaining our firm will give them the edge in negotiation and drafting of all documents for their specific interests.

We are available to act as your attorney for a variety of real estate transactions, each of which requires attention to detail and thorough research on the applicable regulations and laws. We work with a network of experienced, professional brokers and loan providers to make sure your needs are met in all aspects of the transaction.

Residential and Commercial Sales

Residential homebuyers are frequently led to believe that the standard purchase and sale agreements provided by a realtor will protect their interests. In many cases, these forms do not account for specific aspects of the sale that may be unique or unanticipated. Our firm is dedicated to making the purchase of your home a positive experience, without delays or hidden expenses that were not previously disclosed or included in the contract of sale.

Sales of commercial property carry an extra dimension of legal complexity, depending on the involvement of developers, investors and existing tenants. There can be issues with the condition of the property, valuation based on occupancy and appropriate land use and zoning compliance.
Our services for both residential and commercial transactions include:

  • Drafting and review of all purchase and sale documents, confirming conformity with current legal standards
  • Assessing the sale price in relation to current market values
  • Review of all financing agreements from both sellers and lenders
  • Representing you at the closing, giving you peace of mind that your interests are being protected

Landlord Tenant and Lease Agreements

Landlord-tenant law can involve complex lease terms, property security, and in some cases legal eviction of tenants. Camden Law Office, LLC is your resource to assist you with the legal and transactional demands of leasing property, and ensuring a return on investment.

Many residential and commercial leases are entered into without the insight of a real estate attorney, and when conflicts arise they can be more difficult to resolve. If a tenant eviction is needed, it is quicker and easier with a properly drafted lease. Our services for landlords include:

  • Drafting of customized lease agreements that suit your property type
  • Negotiation and review of lease terms with tenants
  • Informing you of any land use or zoning regulations that may affect the leasing of your property, or use by tenants
  • Handling any tenant conflicts or breach of the lease agreement, including eviction proceedings if necessary
  • Pursuing claims for property damage against tenants, and proper accounting of security deposits

Camden Law Office, LLC: Chicagoland Real Estate Attorney

If you are involved in the leasing, sale, or purchase of real estate, then it is essential to have an attorney who is familiar with the applicable laws in Chicago and surrounding areas. Not every transaction proceeds as planned, and when you retain our firm we will anticipate potential issues before they become a significant obstacle. By drafting agreements and leases on your behalf, you will know that we have minimized the risks for your business or home investment. Please contact us for a consultation so that we can describe in detail our real estate legal services.