Camden Law Office is an experienced firefighter defense attorney, ready to represent any public safety professional in their legal needs.

Camden Law Office, LLC offers clients skilled representation in a diverse legal practice. We are advocates for public safety employees, small businesses with legal needs, including employment issues, and individuals involved in commercial or residential real estate transactions. The firm is available to take your case in the following practice areas:

firefighter defense attorneyLabor Law for Public Safety Professionals:

As an experienced law enforcement and firefighter union attorney, we understand the unique challenges facing public safety employees. If you are part of an organization seeking collective bargaining, or need counsel for a grievance arbitration, then Camden Law Office, LLC can give you representation with a high level of skill and attention.

Employment Law

Small businesses face the same employment law issues as larger companies, but without the benefit of in-house counsel. Our firm is prepared to be your business’ ongoing legal resource for drafting employment agreements, defending civil rights claims, and representing you in any related court litigation. We prefer a strategy of sound legal planning to avoid disputes, and will work to be proactive in advising you of potential conflict areas.

If you are an employee and have concerns about your termination, employment contract, or working conditions, the firm can assist you with your legal needs, too. The firm has represented executives in separation negotiations, as well as crafted employment contracts for employees.

Real Estate Law

Whether you are a landlord or real estate buyer, you need to protect your investment with legal advice for your side of the transaction. For many, the purchase of a home is one of the most traumatic, but also fulfilling situations they will face in life. The firm will guide you through the process to make sure that your most significant asset is legally protected.

If you are involved in real estate leasing as a landlord, or are purchasing residential or commercial real estate, Camden Law Office, LLC can prepare your documents and advise you on optimal investment strategies. Too often, a real estate attorney is hired after there is a dispute or failure to fulfill terms of an agreement. It is more cost-effective to have our firm involved from the beginning of any transaction, giving us an opportunity to avoid delays and conflicts.

Camden Law Office, LLC: Your Dedicated Legal Resource

  • Skilled Law Enforcement and Firefighter Union Attorney
  • Labor and Employment Lawyer For Business and Individual
  • Real Estate Transactions and Disputes

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