About The Firm

Camden Law Office will provide your business with quality legal representation and counseling. Your business is your livelihood, your dream, and perhaps, your identity. Camden Law Office believes in counseling clients prior to making fundamental legal errors, without busting your budget. A few dollars spent on avoiding a problem typically beats thousands spent fixing the problem.

You need a legal professional to complement your network of resources.

Camden Law Office promotes an attitude of cooperation between and among its customers. Helping you goes beyond litigation and may involve strategic planning, reacting to threats and litigation, or simply reviewing your business operations. The firm is here to make your business more effective, thereby maximizing your profits and can also act as a conduit to provide additional services, based on your needs.

Kevin P. Camden

I come from a family of business owners and entrepreneurs. I maintain an office in the near western suburbs to minimize overhead and make it easier for me to see you. I am centrally located between the Cook County, Will County, and DuPage County courthouses. When you contact me, you will get to me.

I do not screen my calls or waste your valuable time with forwarding or attendants. I encourage my customers to use technology, as it makes communication easier, more cost effective, and generates less waste.

I am an Honors graduate of Northern Illinois University. I am proud to be an alumni of the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. I worked through law school, experiencing what it was like to actually practice law, not just talk about it.

My background includes substantial work in the area of public sector labor relations, particularly with police departments. My years of experience representing patrol officers provide me with unique insight to help management in labor relations and collective bargaining. However, when matters require, I am experienced in arbitration and administrative proceedings, as well as civil litigation in state and federal court. That being said, avoiding costly litigation may well be my best service.

Finally, I represent owners and managers. As a small business owner I know what it’s like to balance a family and strive to succeed. I look forward to helping you.

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