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Camden Law Office, LLC is strategically located to offer clients a sophisticated employment lawyer near the western suburbs, without the Chicago expense and traffic. Because our practice areas serve small businesses, public service employees, and those involved in real estate transactions, we have convenient access to the Cook County (Chicago) courts and business center, but also routinely appear in DuPage County and Will County for matters.

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What Our Clients Say

Kevin is one of the most honest attorneys I’ve had the pleasure to do business with. What I’m most impressed with is Kevin ability to help and assist a client even when the best solution doesn’t involve implementing his services. Because of this, I have no hesitation when introducing Kevin into a legal matter. It’s no wonder why he’s built such a great reputation in the legal community as a truly trusted advisor.
Michael A Brenczewski Jr.
Kevin has done legal work for me and I have referred him to clients, he has consistently provided exceptional service. I enthusiastically endorse his service.
Tom Sailer
I have worked with Kevin several times as have recommended him as an attorney to all of my clients needing legal services. Kevin's attention to detail, knowledge of law, and most importantly his rapport with clients, is fantastic. Kevin is an attorney who truly believes that doing what is in the best interest of the customer or client is the only way to provide legal services. Thanks Kevin for all the hard work, and keep up the great work!
Ted Schauer
Kevin is an expert in his field and was a pleasure to work with.
Angelo R. Imbrogno
I have known Kevin for over ten years and am fortunate to call him a friend. Kevin strikes a remarkable balance between professionalism and friendliness. His comforting demeanor and sense of humor are matched only by his keen mind and attention to detail. I trust Kevin implicitly.
Brian Beasley
Knowledgable and at the top of his game
Jason Spock
Kevin and I met as attorneys on the opposite side of the sale of a business. At several points, I thought that the transaction was going to fall through. Kevin worked with his client to address all of my concerns about the transaction and helped everyone to reach an agreement. If you are seeking an attorney who keeps his focus on the client's goal and is a great to work with, then I would highly recommend Kevin.
Karyn R. Vanderwarren
Kevin was my residential real estate attorney for the purchase of my first (and current) home. I was very pleased with the professionalism that he demonstrated throughout the entire process. Kevin reviewed the legality of my proposed contract prior to the signing, provided recommendations, and made me aware of what to expect at the closing. During the closing, it was obvious that Kevin was well prepared. He arrived precisely on time, discussions with the seller's attorney went smoothly, and all of the paperwork was in order. Before I signed or inititialed any part of the closing document, Kevin reviewed each page to ensure everything was in order. I was impressed with his attention to detail. Since this was my first home purchase, i was exposed to an unfamiliar environment. Kevin provided a personal touch on a constant basis, allowing me to feel comfortable and confident during each phase of the process. He took the extra effort to forward the association policy, fax forms I needed to complete, as well as call periodically to see if I had any questions. Without a doubt, I would recommend Kevin to any individual interested in purchasing a new home.
Steven Sadowski
Kevin provided the legal back bone we needed to make sure we did not step on our own toes..
Dennis Madsen
Kevin never fails to deliver a superior product at a fair price. His expertise has guided us through many complicated contracts and the results have been sales. The bottom-line is, he's great at what he does; he knows what he's doing; and, he is sensitive to OUR bottom-line. Your opinion of lawyers will jump several notches after working with Kevin, I give him my highest recommendation.
Kevin Long
I have worked with Kevin on a variety of legal issues over the past several years and he has always provided the absolute best service with time, attention and desire to get issues resolved in ways that are in our best interest. He is knowledgeable, fair, committed to his client and can be tenacious if necessary. I highly recommend Kevin and I will continue to seek his counsel when needed.
Jane Lair
I have worked with Kevin as opposing counsel on a variety of matters. Kevin is consistently prepared, courteous and extremely professional. He is a pleasure to work with and a tenacious advocate for his client. Regardless of the outcome of a case, Kevin's professionalism will always shine through. I wish I encountered more attorneys that I respect and admire on a daily basis.
Patricia M. Fallon
Excellent work. A true advocate for you and your company. Professional in every way. Fairly priced.
Mark Kiwiet